How to Make a Laravel Artisan Command to Install the application

php artisan app:install
laravel new install-command
composer create-project laravel/laravel install-command
php artisan make:command AppInstaller
protected $signature = 'app:install                        {--db-host=localhost : Database Host}                        {--db-port=3306 : Port for the database}                        {--db-database= : Name for the database}                        {--db-username=root : Username for accessing the database}                        {--db-password= : Password for accessing the database}                        ';
protected $description = ‘To install the application via CLI’;
public function missingRequiredOptions(){    return !$this->option('db-database');}
public static function updateEnv($data){     $env = file_get_contents(base_path('.env'));     $env = explode("\n", $env);     foreach ($data as $dataKey => $dataValue) {          $alreadyExistInEnv = false;          foreach ($env as $envKey => $envValue) {               $entry = explode('=', $envValue, 2);               // Check if exists or not in env file               if ($entry[0] == $dataKey) {                     $env[$envKey] = $dataKey . '=' . $dataValue;                     $alreadyExistInEnv = true;               } else {                     $env[$envKey] = $envValue;               }         }         // add the variable if not exists in env        if (!$alreadyExistInEnv) {            $env[] = $dataKey . '=' . $dataValue;        }   }   $env = implode("\n", $env);   file_put_contents(base_path('.env'), $env);   return true;}
public static function copyEnvExampleToEnv(){     if (!is_file(base_path('.env')) &&       is_file(base_path('.env.example'))) {          File::copy(base_path('.env.example'), base_path('.env'));      }}
public static function generateAppKey(){     Artisan::call('key:generate');}
public static function runMigrationsWithSeeders(){     try {          Artisan::call('migrate:fresh', ['--force' => true]);          Artisan::call('db:seed', ['--force' => true]);     } catch (\Exception $e) {          return false;     }     return true;}
public function updateEnvVariablesFromOptions(){     $this->updateEnv([          'DB_HOST' => $this->option('db-host'),          'DB_PORT' => $this->option('db-port'),          'DB_DATABASE' => $this->option('db-database'),          'DB_USERNAME' => $this->option('db-username'),          'DB_PASSWORD' => $this->option('db-password'),     ]);     $conn = config('database.default', 'mysql');     $dbConfig = Config::get("database.connections.$conn");
$dbConfig['host'] = $this->option('db-host');
$dbConfig['port'] = $this->option('db-port'); $dbConfig['database'] = $this->option('db-database'); $dbConfig['username'] = $this->option('db-username'); $dbConfig['password'] = $this->option('db-password');
Config::set("database.connections.$conn", $dbConfig);
DB::purge($conn); DB::reconnect($conn);}
public function handle(){     if ($this->missingRequiredOptions()) {          $this->error('Missing required options');          $this->line('please run');          $this->line('php artisan app:install --help');          $this->line('to see the command usage.');          return 0;     }
$this->alert('Application is installing...');
static::copyEnvExampleToEnv(); $this->generateAppKey();
$this->updateEnvVariablesFromOptions(); $this->info('Env file created successfully.');
$this->info('Runnning migrations and seeders...'); if (!static::runMigrationsWithSeeders()) { $this->error('Your database credentials are wrong!'); return 0; } $this->alert('Application is installed successfully.'); return 1}
php artisan app:install --db-database=YOUR_DB_NAME --db-username=YOUR_DB_USERNAME --db-password=YOUR_DB_PASSWORD
Sample Console Output



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